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Fusion Expo




Fusion Expo is a travelling exhibition designed to be accessible to the general public, presenting various aspects of fusion as an environmentally acceptable, safe and sustainable energy technology. In a clear and simple way it explains the fundamentals of fusion, describes European`s fusion research facilities, introduces the ITER project, and looks ahead to the construction of a working fusion power plant.
The exhibition is the property of EFDA and the European Commission.
Since October 2008 operating the Fusion Expo has been the responsibility of the Slovenian Fusion Association. We invite you to visit the exhibition on its travels or just virtually on this web page.


European Fusion Developement Agreement Slovenian Fusion Association Jožef Stefan Institute

About Koszalin University of Technology

The Koszalin University of Technology is a significant link of the city and a modern and attractive centre of academic excellence. As an important participant of city life The Koszalin University of Technology participates in numerous events of scientific and popular character. That’s why the residence of Koszalin University of Technology is a well-known place in Koszalin, not only for students community but also for all the citizens.

The Koszalin University of Technology is located in a city of over 100,000 inhabitants in an area of beautiful landscapes near the Baltic Sea, about 12 kilometres from the coast with its clean sandy beaches. The Koszalin University of Technology provides academic and technical education and is a leader in research in the disciplines generally connected with the region’s areas of development. Presently over 11000 students are following full-time, evening and part-time studies in 21 subject areas at 8 faculties (3 Departments and 5 Institutes).

The location of Fusion Expo in Koszalin will be main campus of Koszalin University of Technology – the building of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. The Koszalin University of Technology is the only technical university in the region of Central Pomerania in Poland.

Koszalin University of Technology
2, Śniadeckich Street
75-453 Koszalin, Poland
phone: +48 94 34 78 605
fax: +48 94 34 71 005

Website: http://www.tu.koszalin.pl/eng
Expo website: http://www.tu.koszalin.pl/fusionexpo2009/



Announcement, Organizer

Portugal, Porto

26th Symposium on Fusion Technology 2010

27th September – 10th October 2010

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